Centro Lingua Italiana Calvino

Study Italian at our Italian language school in Florence, in central Italy.
Learning a language in the country where it is spoken is the best method to learn the language, as well as the culture and history of the country. By studying at our Italian language school, you will learn and improve your Italian and be able to use it to socialize and communicate at school and work. Clic School has two locations in Italy, Florence and Calabria, which offer a different environment in which to learn the Italian language.


The CLIC Italian language school offer high quality Italian classes for studying and learning the Italian language. We are state-accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education and guarantee the professionalism and experience of our teachers in the field of Italian language teaching, small class sizes, help in finding accommodation during your course, and monitoring of student progress.


CLIC is authorized to prepare students for the CILS-Certificato Italiano Lingua Seconda, issued by the University of Siena. In accordance with the type and duration of your course, all students receive an Attendance Certificate, the Certificate of Knowledge of Italian Language or the Diploma in Italian upon completion of their course. More information about accreditation of our Italian language school and certificates that we issue for our Italian courses can be found on our page about certificates.


Our students have free access to the Internet. A free Wi-Fi hot spot is available as well.


Learn a language in a country in which it is spoken. This makes the country, the city and its people an important part of the concept!


Our Italian language school offers a huge variety of Italian language courses and cultural courses: Italian courses of 6 (Superintensive Italian language course), 4 (Standard Italian language course, Long-Term Italian language course and Afternoon Italian language course) and 2 hours/day (Holiday Italian language course) are offered. As we try to make our courses as convenient as possible for our students we offer flexible programs and starting dates. That means that you can start your course every Monday if you are not a total beginner. As well you can choose the course duration which is most suitable for you (starting from 1 week on).


We organise various afternoon activities such as excursions to other beautiful Tuscan places (like Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano,...) and seminars about history of art, Italian history, cinema, and many more. In addition we offer sight-seeing tours through Florence which are especially dedicated to architecture and art.