European School of Economics

Graduation Ceremony in Palazzo Vecchio - Florence

“Be free from fear! Fearlessness is the front door to victory and success, yet no amount of effort can make you fearless. Fearlessness comes by itself when you realize there is nothing to be afraid of.”

President Elio D’Anna


Graduation is a momentous occasion.  A ceremony which, celebrates students achievements, their educational accomplishments and marks the beginning of an amazing journey into the career world. At the European School of Economics, graduates are among the most competitive business professionals on the market, prepared for leadership roles in international marketing, finance, communication and management. Armed with internationally recognized degrees and idealistic dreams, they charge ahead fearless with enthusiasm towards their own self discovery.


ESE is proud to announce that for the third consecutive year after much acclaim the graduation ceremony will take place on April 21st 2013 at Palazzo Vecchio in Salone dei Cinquecento, Florence. All family, friends and alumni are cordially invited to see a new generation of ESE graduates transition into a new phase of their life. 


More details coming soon! We look forward to see both familiar and new faces of the ESE community attending. For information regarding the European School of Economics please visit our website