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The invisible side of organizations

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The Economy of a nation is the projection of its ideas and values - the wealth of a society depends on the depth of its moral and ethical system. It’s difficult for us to realize that we live in a world made of ‘invisibility’, and that we, ourselves, are part of that invisible world. All of our thoughts, emotions, fantasies, memories and imaginings and above all our dreams, are part of a world that is intangible and parallel to what we have learned to interpret as existence. An organization is a living being and the most subtle of its components, its ideas, values and fundamental beliefs, all come from its invisibility – it is the invisibility of its men, in particular the founder that guide an organization and determine its longevity.


In ‘The School for Gods,’ the Dreamer says that ‘Beyond the powerhouses of industry... the skyscrapers of finance... behind all that we see and touch…at the origin of every intuition, of every scientific achievement there is the Dream of one man, an individual. Only individuals can transform society.”


At the European School of Economics we believe that the essence of an organization and the strength of its invisibility reflect the inner responsibility of the founder - his own level of being and understanding. The success of the enterprise depends directly on his integrity - the cohesive element of invisibility.


Integrity means a sense of certainty, wholeness, fearlessness and aliveness. Integrity is a physical experience - you can feel it in your body, in your breath and in your heart. Integrity has powerful applications in the realm of action. Companies and enterprises guided by integrity are those that are successful, well-run, profitable, everlasting and happy. A man of integrity is a force of nature - in the physical realm, he has always another ocean to cross or some other mountain to climb, and is never out of the game.


In the economics to come, industries and corporate enterprises will teach the ‘Art of Dreaming’ - the principles of self-improvement and inner integrity to enable their people to become advanced beings. The world of business has to realize that real, financial expansion comes out of quality, and declines rapidly when quality is missing.


An ordinary man is a slave of nature-machine, governed by nature and obedient to nature. A man of integrity moves in a different direction, in a reverse direction. He contains life, he projects and governs nature, and through his rediscovered will he can move mountains in the world of events.


A young businessman once asked me how he could become rich and successful in business. “It is impossible to become what you already are.” I answered. “What you have to do is to get free of all that which impedes your inner prosperity to manifest. Quality creates quantity and not vice-versa. The level of your inner freedom determines your financial fortune. If you want to be rich you have to hold all your attention where the only freedom in the universe comes from - your own inner being.”


The young man was perplexed . He hoped for a formula to follow, but success is not an outer achievement, it is a state of being - it is victory over one’s own fears. Fearlessness is the basic principle of being whole. A man of Integrity is such because he has won and cancelled for good his own destructive state of fear. Fearlessness is the supreme nature of your being. Your level of being determines your history and your destiny, if you are in fear then, you will create troubles and difficulties for yourself and for others. Remember! Fear is the very cause of all that you are afraid of. And fearlessness, the realization of all that you can dream of.


At the time of a great financial crisis many bankers, businessmen and stockbrokers ‘crash’ also because they totally identify with the failing economy. In what should be a marvelous game of creativity and intuition, they instead are hypnotized to the point that they no longer realize to be the players and not the pawns, the observers and not the observed, the dreamers and not the dreamed. They depend upon external conditions to plan their strategies, and rely upon budgets, reports and financial forecasts to unconsciously build nothing more than a house of cards. Here is the crucial point where something higher has to take place - something totally unknown to man that only a special School can reveal .


Ancient times knew such special Schools. The philosopher-monk, Lupelius, in his manuscript ‘The School for Gods’, described an environment where difficulties and friction were created intentionally to guide disciples to carefully study and observe their own reactions, to become aware of their invisibility and regain their lost integrity.


To train or put to a test the maturity, skill and technical mastery of his followers, Lupelius secretly invited impeccable warriors and ruthless mercenaries highly skilled in the arts of war. They would present themselves masked as merchants, priests, minstrels and bards, poets and philosophers, comedians and court jesters, nomads and adventurers, and sometimes even artfully disguised in the role of beggars or tramps, thieves and gypsies, who at the right moment, would reveal themselves to be sly, powerful fighters prepared by Lupelius himself to raise the level of understanding and incorruptibility of his warrior-monks to enable them to realize their ultimate purpose .


Lupelius taught his followers through his own self-transformism - the ‘art of acting’, to wear the right mask or play the right role in any circumstance. They had to be able to relate themselves to all sides of life, and especially to the ones they most hated in order to transform their ‘negativeness’ into energy necessary to enter into higher levels of responsibility. Their commitment and skill had to be tested before they could consider themselves true warriors and enter the true field of battle.


When these special schools came to lack, and with them men of impeccability, entire civilizations, races, empires, countries and peoples disappeared from the face of the Earth. Even today, the reason for the premature disappearance of any enterprise is the absence of such men of integrity. Organizations, as individuals, must realize that their development and longevity does not depend on the outside world, but on their own inner qualities and values.


Remember, when you are negative or fearful, insecure or anxious, you will attract the very events, experiences and people that you try to avoid. If you are instead making every moment of your life a wondrous creation, willing the best, the most beautiful and the most significant, you will realize that the world you are living in is not something external, created in time, but the conscious, omnipotent projection of your invisibility. “


Elio D’Anna, President and Founder, ESE