Istituto Lorenzo de Medici

The Italian International Institute

In 2013 the Istituto Lorenzo de' Medici (LdM) is celebrating a major milestone: 40 years of offering international higher-education in Italy. Over the years, LdM has become one of Italy's most distinctive and well-established study abroad institutions. LdM prides itself on offering academic and vocationally-oriented courses designed to complement a variety of academic programs as well as enrich students' knowledge, education and skills.
Students can choose from over 400 different courses in 32 subject areas, which are taught in English in LdM's four locations: Florence, Rome and Tuscania. Courses come under four main academic divisions: Arts and Sciences, Creative Arts, Design, and Italian Language Learning.
Students at the LdM Florence campus have access to the school's greatest resource: the city of Florence itself. LdM students have the opportunity to intern for Italy’s best museums, cultural and archeological associations and world renowned fashion houses, networking with some of the most important people in the city, the country and the world. 
Rome is a city with an unparalleled history and a magnificent cultural diversity. Students at LdM Rome are in a unique position to experience Italian culture and life while immersed in a vibrant city setting. With its world-famous artistic and archeolgical heritage, Rome offers the study abroad student myriad cultural events throughout the year. 
Tuscania has been admired for centuries for its picturesque setting, dreamy landscapes, medieval walls, cobbled streets and fine culture and foods. Located in Latium, near the Tuscany border, the Tuscania campus is ideal for those interested in studying humanities, the arts, Italian language and culture, and jewelry design. The unique feature about the LdM Tuscania campus is that students live and study in full integration with the community. 
Located in the heart of Dorsoduro area, the LdM Venice campus, in collaboration with Istituto Venezia, offers a range of courses in diverse fields, from the humanities, environmental sciences and culinary arts to art history, studio arts and Italian language. In the classroom, expert local professors will guide students to discover the city's exceptional resources and opportunities to gain a deeper knowledge of the Italian language and a better understanding of Venetian culture.