Istituto Lorenzo de Medici

Academic Semester Programs

LdM’s Academic Semester and Academic Year Programs give students the flexibility to choose a course of study by selecting and combining classes from four academic areas:

  • Italian Language & Culture Courses
  • School of Arts & Sciences, i.e. Art History, International Business, Political Science
  • School of Creative Arts, i.e. Culinary Arts, Painting, Photography
  • School of Design, i.e. Fashion, Graphic, Jewelry, Interior Design  

Academic Semester and Academic Year Programs are offered to internationally qualified students at LdM. Programs vary according to students' linguistic level and competence in Italian and are designed to allow students with different backgrounds and academic preferences to choose how much time they want to spend developing their Italian language skills.

Beyond the compulsory course of study in Italian language, students at LdM are free to choose a combination of courses from LdM's extensive course schedule, all of which are taught in English. In this way, students can develop a course of study that best meets their needs and preferences.

Depending on the campus' offerings, students can apply for the Academic Semester and Academic Year Program of their choice and combine Art and Design courses with courses in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Business, Economics, Political Science, and the Performing Arts.
Note that Italian Language is mandatory in these programs. All courses, except Italian Language courses, are taught in English. Attendance is mandatory.