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Certificate in Archaeology and Ancient Studies

We are pleased to announce our newest offering: the Archaeology and Ancient Studies Certificate Program, offered in collaboration with CAMNES, the Center for Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies. This semester-long certificate, offered at LdM Tuscania + Florence (Fall semester) and LdM Tuscania (Spring semester), fuses theory and practice, history and anthropology in a cohesive learning experience. Each certificate covers ancient and medieval civilization, and both include an archaeology field school experience in Tuscania -- at a large and relatively recent dig whose Etruscan tombs have revealed a wide variety of objects over 2,300 years in age.

FALL SEMESTER: “Hands-On Archaeology” – Fall – Tuscania (Pre-session) + Florence

The Fall certificate, “Hands-on Archaeology,” includes conservation of excavated artefacts. Students start in mid-August with a Pre-session in Tuscania, where they complete a 2-week intensive Archaeology Field School. They then continue on to Florence for the semester, taking the following courses: Archaeology Workshop, Florentia: the Ancient Roots of Florence, Ancient Tuscany: the Etruscan Civilization, and Italian language.

SPRING SEMESTER: “Ancient Italy” – Spring – Tuscania

The Spring certificate, “Ancient Italy,” focuses on the history and culture of the ancient populations that once ruled Italy. This certificate will be held entirely in Tuscania during the Spring semester, with a Post-session 2-week Archaeology Field School in May.

Upon successful completion of one of the certificate sequences, students will be granted the LdM-CAMNES Archaeology and Ancient Studies Certificate: Hands-on Archaeology (Fall only) or the LdM-CAMNES Archaeology and Ancient Studies Certificate: Ancient Italy (Spring only).

Certificate in Archaeology and Ancient Studies:
- One semester – Fall 2012: pre-session in Tuscania + semester in Florence €6.900
- One semester – Spring 2013: semester in Tuscania + post-session in Tuscania €6.500

*Lab fees, course materials and field trips are not included in the above tuition costs.