Istituto Lorenzo de Medici

Certificate Programs

The LdM Certificate Programs are designed to develop student creativity, artistic talent, and technical skills within structured plans of study. Combining a strong theoretical base with practical work for the pursuit of professional goals, LdM offers one-year Certificates and Professional/Advanced Certificates.

One-Year Certificates
offer a comprehensive course structure addressing students' own professional goals. The class selection has been pre-planned in order to allow students to follow the most appropriate course sequence in the area of study that they wish to pursue. The programs are offered on a one-year basis, starting in the Fall semester. Students with prior knowledge of the selected field of study may be admitted to the second semester (in Spring only), but only after submitting a portfolio of their work to be assessed and approved.

One-Year Professional/Advanced Certificates are designed for students who have a solid background in the area of study. Students applying for the Professional/Advanced Certificate Program must provide evidence of their background in the selected area. An admissions committee will review the application and accept only those students who meet the entry requirements.

Students can combine the Certificate and the Professional/Advanced Certificate or apply to either one according to their experience and education levels.


Restoration and Conservation - Certificate & Professional Certificate
With the collaboration of LdM with state institutions in Florence, students in the Restoration and Conservation Program restore paintings and sculptures made by the masters of the Renaissance, such as Beato Angelico, Ghirlanaio, Botticelli, Brunelleschi, and Michelangelo.


Fashion Design - Certificate & Professional Certificate
The LdM Fashion Design Department has developed a program where you not only learn how to sketch fashion figures, design collections and realize fashion items through the experimentation and utilization of a wide variety of fashion techniques: paper models, draping, sewing, embroidery, knitwear, printing, designing accessories and more.


Fashion Marketing & Merchandising - Certificate
Students in the Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing & Mechandising Programs meet the challenges of working in the real fashion world, such as designing collections, collaborating with photographers and organizing events and publicity.

Graphic Design & Visual Communication - Certificate & Professional Certificate
The Graphic Design and Visual Communication Program offers the ability to recognize the strong points of a product, a brand, or an idea and convey them through different types of media. Students discover both traditional and digital techniques used in integrated communications projects.

Interior Design - Certificate & Professional Certificate
Students in the Interior Design Program start with the principles of design: interior, retail, product, exhibit and display; and work throughout the course to blend art and technology, creativity and practicality, and to make a product that would be suitable for the marketplace.

Jewelry Art & Design - Professional Certificate
The Jewelry Art and Design Program offers an artistic and cultural reference point for students as Florence has a long-standing tradition in jewelry making. The program features an in-depth look at the history of jewelry design and is rounded out with the student’s design and production of their own collection.

Fine Arts - Certificate & Advanced Certificate
As the birthplace of modern humanism, naturalistic arts, and scientific inquiry, Florence was the cradle of the Renaissance civilization and is the ideal setting for the art studies. The Fine Arts Program is designed to combine a broad-based training in the visual and studio arts.