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In line with the most up-to-date theories on language teaching, at Lorenzo de' Medici we concentrate on developing all four linguistic skills at the same time: listening and speaking, reading and writing.

We believe that the small number of students per class and our varied teaching techniques enable each student to become an active participant in the learning process. Each new block of language is always presented in context, and this gives the students the opportunity of practicing immediately what they have just studied.

In each course the four main language skills--listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing-- are developed gradually through a wide range of classroom activities. During their classes, students develop their own personal communication strategies, learn to develop and use new vocabulary, improve their listening skills, work on grammar, and develop reading and writing skills.

Speaking skills are practised daily through varied teaching techniques (dramatization, role-play, oral presentations, and open discussions). Italian language patterns are taught within a cultural context that help students become familiar with the most significant elements of Italian cultural life.